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About the Crossing's Social Enterprise Co.

Perhaps you're wondering 'just what is a 'Social Enterprise Company'? Good question!

Here's a definition offered by the Social Enterprise Coalition: Social enterprises are dynamic businesses with a social purpose working all around the UK and internationally to deliver lasting social and environmental change.

Translating this philosophy into practicality, our declared Object is "to develop and implement ethical projects and initiatives - based in or delivered from The Crossing Church & Centre - which are designed to benefit the community of Worksop & District". The Crossing Church and Centre was opened in May 2006, and the vision for the Centre was that church activities would be complemented by the use of the premises by a variety of community groups and charities and that a café would complement all activities. In August 2006 The Crossing Social Enterprise Company was formed, with a Board of Directors, comprising of both Church Members and representatives from organisations who also serve the local community.


The idea of The Crossing Social Enterprise Co. formed to partner community groups and agencies with The Crossing Church is an exciting and creative example of Church and the wider community working together in partnership.

We have now been in operation for 8 years (May 2014) and we are seeing this partnership as effective and appropriate. Not only does it benefit the local community - our express aim, but it's also bringing about a new energy and perspective into the life of the Church. This work has built bridges between Church and community in ways which are truly positive and beneficial to all. The way the Social Enterprise works reminds us that often the things of true value in this world cannot be measured in financial terms. Theorists in this rapidly developing field refer to this as 'social profit'. Whilst financially this year we have held our own, in terms of social profit we have had seen even greater rewards.


Funding and Finance  

The details of funding for all our projects can be found in the treasurers financial report. Our aim has always been that once the building costs are covered, all the work within The Crossing could support itself financially, with the main income stream being from the room lettings.

We have not been immune from the financial downturn that has affected the whole economy, and therefore grant funding for some of our projects is still  important , in order to best serve the community.


The Crossing SEC Ltd is a company limited-by-guarantee (Registered in England & Wales No 05893762) and is also a Registered Charity, No. 1123193. Registered business address: The Crossing Church & Centre, Newcastle Street, Worksop, S80 2AT.




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